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EPI-USA provides data center services including data center auditing, data center audit certification, data center consulting as well as data center and IT training courses.

EPI has been delivering a wide range of data center services since 1987, assisting businesses and organizations worldwide to design, implement, optimize, test, operate and maintain mission critical data center services to ensure they meets and exceed standards.

EPI-USA is the main Corporate office for EPI in America and Canada. EPI-USA coordinates all courses and scheduling for the U.S. and Canada as well as providing trainers and follow-up support.

EPI-USA Training Goal
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Data Center Infrastructure Services

Because the modern world runs on data, a need was created for Data Center Education and Training services. Originating in Europe and growing to global service across more than 50 countries, EPI understands how wide-reaching information needs can be. Since starting in 1987, EPI has been helping serious clients succeed with a versatile suite of data center infrastructure services.

When you need dependable solutions for training, certification, and standards, EPI is the name you can count on. EPI customers are diverse, but everything EPI offers you is aligned with these 3 simple guidelines:

  • Increasing Availability of Your Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Improving Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Manageability
  • Minimizing Risk of Business Interruption

Quality Through Collaboration​

When your data centers run safely, everyone wins. EPI-USA’s role is part of a larger mission to protect private information and ensure efficiency for businesses and customers around the world. That’s why EPI-USA data center consultants stay up to date with the latest procedures and methods — which are passed along to you through EPI’s accredited courses.

Make EPI your partner for continued success and enhanced operation. Reach out today to learn more about EPI-USA’s infrastructure expertise.

Data Center Management Support​

At the core of the EPI-USA philosophy is an in-depth understanding of your needs, made possible by the expertise and experience of EPI-USA engineering, technical, and consultancy teams. Riding the forefront of the technology wave, EPI-USA has a strategy that provides solutions for protecting your interests and meeting your business requirements.

Future-proof solutions are vital for global businesses dependent upon infrastructures that run 24 x 7 without interruption. The EPI-USA philosophy combines an ongoing drive for product excellence with a prolonged commitment to quality and customer care.

We are continually searching for solutions to meet the requirements that will carry you safely and securely to the next level. This commitment includes comprehensive after-sales service and technical support for mission-critical infrastructure requirements, from planning to commissioning and everyday operation.

Innovative Data Center Standardization

Service and support are paramount at EPI-USA, where data center experts are committed to optimum customer care, offering reliable and total solutions approaches – from consulting, pre-sale guidance, and planning – to installing and commissioning solutions.

EPI Singapore is the worldwide head office for training, standards development, auditing, and certification. EPI Singapore has developed a substantial global partner network of distributors, resellers, and joint ventures. All of our partners have their customers close to their hearts and ensure their interests are well-protected. EPI-USA is the official head office for support and training in the U.S. and Canada.

Forward-Thinking Data Center Experts

EPI-USA data center experts provide crucial future-proof solutions for new and established businesses that rely on technology 24/7. To help clients stay at the forefront of technology, EPI-USA offers data center management support throughout the United States and Canada.

The EPI-USA business philosophy includes maintaining an in-depth understanding of the future of technology and keeping customers apprised of those needs. EPI-USA’s management expertise and commitment to ongoing learning make it possible to formulate solutions that solve present problems without holding back future development.

EPI-USA data center training courses are designed to educate learners on possibilities – rather than merely relying on what is available now. Furthermore, EPI-USA’s services are continually updated to address new developments and emerging concerns in the industry.

Reach out to EPI-USA’s management team to learn more about how EPI helps you meet the future head-on.

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