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EPI has been delivering a wide range of data center services since 1987, enabling businesses worldwide to design, implement, optimize, test, operate and maintain mission critical data center systems to ensure they meet and exceed expectations.

Trainings are provided for businesses and individuals including data center specialists, support staff and everyone with an interest in the critical role data centers play.


EPI offers world-wide accredited courses aimed at improving your organization’s availability and  manageability.

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Audit Certification

EPI provides you with a wide range of Audit and Certification services for you and your employer’s Data Center Facilities, Security/Maintenance and Operational Processes.


EPI offers standards and standards related services for data centers aimed at improving data centre design, build, governance, operations and maintenance.

EPI Data Center Training Framework©

EPI Data Center Training Courses are certification courses. Designed for data center professionals, they are mapped in the EPI Data Center Training Framework©.

If you are new to data centers, the Data Center Foundation Certificate (DCFC®) Course is the place to start.

With experience working in a Data Center or after completion of the Foundation Course, the EPI framework has 4 tracks:

All EPI courses and related exams are internationally recognized and have been endorsed and accredited by EXIN.
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Ask About the EPI Online Anytime Self-Study Program

EPI Online Anytime is the EPI Training-On-Demand (TOD) platform with online video courses which are available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Taking the TOD courses gives you the flexibility and control to take the video study modules whenever it suits you or your employees’ schedules. You have the ability to pause, rewind, and replay the modules for optimal absorption of the information.

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Data Center Training and Auditing

Whether you’re looking for specialized IT training or data center auditing, EPI-USA is at your service. Backed by 30 years of industry experience, our team of data center consultants has the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your employee capabilities and support your bottom line.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Data Center Training Courses

Ask About New Hybrid Classes, Public Courses, On-Site Training, Live Virtual Instructor-Led-Training (VILT) and Multiple Student Discounts.

EPI-USA can also customize courses to fit your needs.


When you choose EPI-USA, you are working with a friendly, knowledgeable team helmed by industry experts. Sandra Levin and David Montalbano both oversee the American and Canadian markets. They share a wealth of experience and a solid track record of guiding many organizations and individuals in up-to-date training, certification, and auditing.

As the official direct office of EPI Global in the U.S. and Canada, EPI-USA offers data center training and TIA-942 Auditing to clients throughout the United States and Canada. EPI is a member of many industry groups and standards committees.

EPI-USA serves businesses and individuals in the United States and Canada. Some of EPI-USA’s larger markets include Virginia, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Chicago, Arizona, Canada.

Top 10 Largest Data Center Metro Areas: Northern Virginia/ Washington DC, Santa Clara / San Jose / South Bay, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta.


Please contact EPI-USA directly for one-on-one service and consultation.

Phone: (877) 318-5344

Service Area: Throughout the US & Canada


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David Montalbano – President, EPI-USA

Office: (877) 318-5344
Cell: (831) 840-4709
Fax: (415) 520-5626
Email: [email protected]

Sandra Levin – CEO, EPI-USA

Phone: (877) 318-5344
Email: [email protected]