Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to hear from you! Contact EPI-USA Inc. with any additional questions about our services. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about EPI education courses.

How do I get an accredited certification?

EXIN accredited certification exams are included with all EPI-USA courses.

What courses are available?

EPI-USA offers a foundational course followed by multiple certifications divided into four categories: Design & Build, Maintenance & Operations, Risk Management, and Standards & Compliance. Read the course descriptions available on this website to learn more, or contact EPI-USA for details.

Where are your courses available?

Prior to March 2020, EPI delivered training at several different sites, including but not limited to: Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Omaha, and Washington, DC.

When are courses available?

Courses are available throughout the year. Check the schedule for upcoming dates. Special arrangements and scheduling are available for groups.

Do you offer training online?

Yes, EPI courses are also available through Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

How do I register?

Contact EPI-USA online or by phone. Upon receiving the necessary information, an EPI Data Center Training Advocate will outline the training services available for you or your group and quote a price.

Do you issue refunds if an attendee cannot come?

Refunds are not available for no shows. However, attendee substitutions are accepted.

Third Party Accredited Certifications

All EPI courses and related exams are internationally recognized and have been endorsed and accredited by EXIN. EXIN is a global, independent accreditation and examination institute who have certified over 2 million students globally. Accreditation by EXIN ensures quality and impartiality of the EPI certifications awarded to IT and data centre professionals who passed our certification exams.

EXIN accredited certification exams are included with all EPI-USA courses.

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