DCFC® – Data Center Foundation Certificate


New to Data Centers? This course covers everything you need to know to get started. With the tremendous growth and importance of data and the data centers to support it, the demand for data center professionals is rapidly growing.

The Data Center Foundation Certificate (DCFC®) is a 2-day course which delivers foundational knowledge about data centre facilities and infrastructure. DCFC® provides you with a global overview and fundamental knowledge of data centers.

Many students use this as a doorway to join the ranks of professionals working in the data center, ICT, infrastructure and the mechanical & electrical (M&E) design industries. It also forms a solid foundation if you wish to pursue studies either academically or to enhance your or your employees’ industry specialization. After successfully completing this course you are ready for professional certification courses on data center design and build, operations and governance, as well as standards and compliance.

Sneak Peek Video

Take a sneak peek at EPI’s DCFC® training course. The only difference between this and the Live Instructor-Led training offered by EPI-USA is that EPI-USA utilizes U.S. based trainers.


This course is for you if you would like to  acquire foundation level knowledge of data centre infrastructure. This course is ideally suited for new data center hires, internal data center support staff, IT support staff who work in the data center, help desk staff, vendors and suppliers who install or maintain data centre equipment, building maintenance staff (including data centre cleaners and other supporting positions), as well as fresh graduates. This course is also well suited for individuals working in data centre  related business support functions such as sales, pre-sales, HR, finance and business administration.


There is no pre-requisite for this course.

Course Benefits

After completing the DCFC® course you will be prepared to enter the exciting and quickly expanding data center industry. You will have the required basic knowledge to take on or support a wide variety of careers in the data centre industry. You will also possess the knowledge and skill to necessary to further your training in specialized areas of data center design and build, operations and governance, as well as standards and compliance.

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