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For over 36 years, EPI has been the driving force in shaping data center professionals and teams around the world. . .

Data centers keep your business running. When they fail, work stops.

EPI training ensures your team has the expertise to deliver 100% uptime. EXIN-certified courses guarantee your staff learns industry best practices to optimize efficiency.

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Short, intensive training means less time away from critical projects. And EPI’s seasoned instructors provide insider tips to avoid pitfalls – saving you money.

The bottom line? EPI reduces downtime through top-notch training, ensuring compliance, and enhancing your team’s reputation.

Recognized certifications also make your staff the envy of competitors. And with competitive pricing, you get maximum ROI from your limited training budget.

Invest in EPI training today, and watch your data center team operate at peak performance for years to come. EPI’s real-world training transforms them into industry leaders, taking your business to the next level.

Don’t leave uptime and efficiency to chance. With EPI, you guarantee data center excellence – driving productivity and protecting your bottom line.

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The EPI pathway for data center education starts with the foundational course, DCFC®, for those new to the field. Beyond the foundation, EPI training branches out into four specialized tracks tailored to different industry needs.


Looking to dive into the data center realm? The 2-day DCFC® course is tailor-made for you.

Data Center Foundation Certificate Course - DCFC® Logo

The Data Center Foundation Certificate (DCFC®) is a comprehensive 2-day course providing foundational knowledge about data center facilities infrastructure.

It’s designed for you if you are entering or working within the data center, ICT, or M&E design sectors. It’s not just an introduction – it’s a stepping stone to deeper specialization and professional certification in data center design, operations, or standards. As data needs expand, so does the demand for skilled data center professionals.


Step into the world of data center mastery with EPI’s Design/Build track. This training path is tailor-made for professionals who are eager to immerse themselves in the art of designing, setting up, and enhancing data centers. This course covers key aspects like power, cooling, security, and safety.

CDCP - Certified Data Center Professional Logo

Dive into the intricacies of the data center with the Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP®) course.

This 2-day training lays bare all the crucial components of a data center and doesn’t require prior experience to enroll. Whether you’re an engineer, a manager, or a consultant, this course enables you to improve your center’s high-availability and manageability. Benefit from in-depth training on selecting optimum sites, implementing effective security measures, and applying industry standards – making you an asset to any data center team.

The CDCP is the first course in the Design/Build track.

CDCS - Certified Data Center Specialist Course Logo

Elevate your data centre knowledge and skills with the 3-day Certified Data Center Specialist CDCS® training.

Understand and execute the design life cycle stages of data centers, ensuring your vendors meet your stringent standards. Get equipped with the tools to improve your facility’s manageability, high availability, and energy efficiency. To enroll in the CDCS® course, you must hold a valid CDCP® certificate. The course is a stepping stone in your career progression, taking you closer to achieving the CDCE® status.

CDCE - Certified Data Center Expert Course Logo

Are you currently a professional in the field of data center design/build?

The Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE®) is an advanced certification program designed to equip you with a profound understanding of technical evaluations, project plans, and design implementations. Gain in-depth knowledge on site selection, data center setup, design lifecycle, and product evaluation in this five-day course. It’s an exceptional opportunity for anyone with a valid CDCS® certificate who wishes to ascend to the highest level of data center training.

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CNCDP - Certified Network Cabling Design Professional Course Logo

Today, nearly all businesses depend on IT to deliver essential services directly to their customers. Given this, it’s crucial that data centers are designed, maintained, and operated to ensure high availability and efficiency. Network cabling serves as the critical infrastructure backbone, greatly influencing the data center’s reliability.

The CNCDP® is a comprehensive 2-day course that dives deep into the design and installation of data network cabling systems. It covers key areas such as technical standards, designing various cabling subsystems, calculating material needs, architecture, installation, testing, and acceptance.

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These courses cover the nuts and bolts of operational processes and how to handle them like a pro. This track is perfect for professionals who enjoy streamlining processes and diving into the details of system operations.

CDFOS® - Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Specialist Course Logo

The CDFOS® (Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Specialist) course is an enlightening three-day journey to master the fine art of running a mission-critical data center. It’s an avenue to understand, develop, and execute crucial processes that differentiate successful data centers from the rest. Emerge equipped with the ability to enhance physical data center security, implement service management, supervise equipment maintenance, and even navigate basic project management. The globally recognized CDFOS® certification affirms your competency and can even open doors to better opportunities.

Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager Course (CDFOM®) Logo

The CDFOM® (Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager) course is a comprehensive, three-day program that enables managers to understand and oversee the operations of high-availability data centers. The course equips you with the ability to translate business requirements into data center services, maintain safety and security practices, oversee maintenance programs, and manage risk. Ultimately, this course could help you improve the efficiency and reliability of your data center operations.

Certified Data Center Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS) Logo

The Certified Data Center Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS®) course gives you knowledge of standards and guidelines related to environmental sustainability. Learn how to move your data center to more environmentally sustainable design and operations.

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Risk Management

These courses are tailored to professionals who thrive on detail-oriented work, strategic planning, and enjoy mitigating risks. Learn to manage risks in IT and data center environments and acquire a systematic approach to data center migration.

Certified Data Center Risk Professional (CDRP®) Logo

Dive into the core of data center risk management with the CDRP® (Certified Data Center Risk Professional) course.

This two-day program concentrates on identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks in both data center infrastructure and equipment.

By aligning with international standards like ISO/IEC27001:2005 and guidelines such as ISO/IEC27005:2011, this course prepares you for participation in critical certification processes. If you have around three years of experience in data centers or IT infrastructure, this is a pivotal course to enhance your professional journey.

Certified Data Center Migration Specialist (CDMS®) Logo

Journey through the CDMS® (Certified Data Center Migration Specialist) course for an intensive 2-day deep dive into the art of data center migration.

Geared towards the needs of IT and Facilities professionals, it equips you with the tools to assess risks, chart out migration pathways, and address legal concerns effectively. Whether an adept Data Center Manager or someone setting sail in the realm, the CDMS® is your guidepost. Benefit immensely from the collaborative sessions enriched by seasoned trainers and their reservoir of hands-on expertise.


If your organization is looking to fortify your data centers, this is your go-to.

EPI training dives deep into the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard, guiding you through every aspect of data center design and auditing. By embracing this course, you’ll benefit by getting your design just right – no more overdoing or cutting corners. The outcome? A super-efficient, dependable, and compliant data center that keeps your operations running smoothly.

Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC®) Course Logo

Step into EPI’s three-day CTDC® (Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant Course) course and become a master in designing ANSI/TIA-942 compliant data centers.

This lays out the standard’s essentials, its application, and its diverse relevance, from enterprise data centers to cloud service providers. So, if you’re a professional entrenched in data center tasks or eyeing the CTIA® course, and you have a foundational certificate like the CDCP®, this is your next logical step. Walk away with practical skills and a digital copy of the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard, amplifying your career trajectory.

Download the CTDC® Brochure

Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor (CTIA®) Course Logo

The CTIA® (Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor) course from EPI deep dives into a two-day program enhancing the technical knowledge from the prior CTDC® course. Tailored for quality managers, project heads, internal auditors, and more, this program revolves around ISO-19011 audit guidelines to streamline ANSI/TIA-942 compliance. Holding a CTDC® certificate? This is the step-up for you. Completing this offers prowess in audit planning, conduction, and managing post-audit processes – sharpening your career’s edge.

Download the CTIA® Brochure

Certified TIA-942 Lead Auditor (CTLA®) Certification Logo

The CTLA® (Certified TIA-942 Lead Auditor) is a concise 3-day course for those wishing to dive deep into the world of data center auditing. It provides thorough instruction on the ANSI/TIA-942 standard and its applications, backed by challenging business cases. Holding a CTDC® and a CTIA® (or an ISO-9001 or ISO-27001) is essential for eligibility. Once completed, you’ll be equipped to conduct independent audits on data centers, following the stringent TIA guidelines.

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IT Training Courses

Recognized and aligned with the European e-Competence Framework, it offers two certification levels: CITO® for IT operators and CITM® for IT managers. These courses are designed for IT engineers aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and IT specialists or leaders desiring managerial expertise, respectively.

CITO - Certified IT Operator course logo

Considering a boost in your IT career? The CITO® (Certified IT Operator) is the foundational tier in EPI’s IT Training Framework.

In just 2 days, you’ll grasp key competencies essential for today’s IT operations, like understanding IT’s role in organizations, vendor interactions, and the basics of risk management. By completing CITO®, you’re aligning yourself with the European e-Competence Framework, ensuring you’re meeting recognized professional standards.

CITM - Certified IT Manager course logo The CITM© (Certified IT Manager) is a 3-day educational journey, tailored to senior IT personnel aspiring to manage or currently leading dynamic teams. This course maps out the intricacies of IT strategy, vendor management, project oversight, and upcoming tech trends like Blockchain and AI. Holding an alignment with the esteemed European e-Competence (e-CF) Framework, it promises to refine your skill set for leadership roles in high-stakes IT environments.

EPI Training Framework Map

The EPI Framework is a comprehensive training and career path – from basic exposure to advanced expertise.

Most Popular Courses

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