Certified Data Center Specialist - CDCS® Course

The CDCS® Certification is a three-day advance level for training data center design/build professionals. The CDCS® course covers engineering calculations on the various components of data center facilities. CDCS® further increases competency to the level of many  suppliers. You will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for accuracy, effectiveness, and efficacy.

CDCS® is the second training in the EPI data center design and build phase under the EPI Data Center Training Framework. Participants must hold a valid CDCP® certificate to register for the CDCS® class. CDCS® is a pre-requisite for achieving CDCE® status.

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Sneak Peek Video

In the following video you can take a sneak peek at EPI’s CDCS® training course. The only difference between this and the CDCS® training offered by EPI-USA is that EPI-USA utilizes U.S. based trainers.


The CDCS® course is well attended by IT, Facilities and Data Center Operations Professionals with experience working in and around data centers. Many represent End-Customers or Service Providers and Facilitators and have a responsibility to achieve and improve high availability and manageability of Data Centers. Past and present students include:

  • Data Center Managers
  • Operations, Floor and Facility Managers
  • Data Center Engineers
  • Network and System Engineers
  • Data Center Sales Persons and Consultants


Participants must hold a valid CDCP® certificate in order to be able to register for the CDCS® class.

Course Benefits

After completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the design life cycle of data centers and the stages involved
  • Discuss sophisticated data center requirements in greater detail  and nuance with vendors, suppliers and contractors as well as ensure that these requirements are met
  • Validate design plans, quotes and offers proposed by vendors and contractors
  • Understand redundancy levels for all stages of data center design, setup and maintenance
  • Understand and facilitate a multitude of building considerations such as bullet proofing, mitigation of seismic activity, fire ratings and thermal stability
  • Understand how to install a raised floor that meets requirements, avoiding misalignment, level differences and leakage
  • Understand how to read a Single Line Electrical Diagrams to identify and avoid the most common design issues
  • Choose the correct UPS and parallel configuration while avoiding classic parallel installation mistakes
  • Calculate battery banks and validate offered configurations to ensure requirements are met
  • Determine proximities to avoid EMF issues for human safety and equipment disturbances
  • Understand fundamental cooling setups, CFM, Delta-T and other important factors
  • Understand contamination factors and limitations
  • Understand full details of fire suppression options, how to calculate gas content and verify installations
  • Understand how to measure data center energy efficiency and steps you can take to improve it

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