Six of the Best Reasons to Choose EPI-USA

Courses Developed by Data Center Experts

Certified Experts

With over 36 years in the data center industry, EPI courses are developed by certified experts with extensive real-world experience.

EPI instructors aren’t armchair theorists – they have years of hands-on expertise designing, auditing, and operating mission-critical data centers globally.

By blending conceptual frameworks with battle-tested lessons from the frontlines, EPI-USA delivers uniquely practical training.

EPI instructors have seen it all and their courses instill the nuanced skills and mindsets needed to excel in today’s complex data center environments.

You learn from seasoned professionals who know firsthand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to data center uptime and performance.

Job-Competency Course Development Methodology

Job-Competency Course Development Methodology

EPI takes a rigorous, industry-centered approach to course development.

EPI developed the first and only globally recognized DCCF© (Data Center Competence Framework) which comprehensively maps data center roles and requires competencies. This ensures our training targets meaningful career growth.

EXIN leverages the job-competence components of the DCCF© to shape exam criteria and validate mastery.

The result is courses that build real-world expertise tailored to industry needs and student career success.

International Standards

Staying Current with Global Standards

EPI designs all courses to reference leading data center standards like ANSI/TIA-942, EN-50600, and NFPA-75.

This ensures our participants gain industry knowledge that is fully up-to-date and globally relevant.

Driving Data Center Standards

Driving Data Center Standards

EPI takes an active role in advancing industry standards by participating on key technical committees.

With over 36 years of experience, EPI provides meaningful feedback to groups like TIA, BICSI, and SS507 based on real-world expertise. For example, EPI holds the record for the largest-ever contribution to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, submitting over 200 improvement requests.

EPI shares hard-won lessons directly with standards bodies to help refine specifications.

The result is EPI-USA training that anticipates future needs and integrates the latest thinking.

Engagement in developing the frameworks that shape global data centers provides students with uniquely insightful education from experts at the forefront.

Objective Vendor-Neutral Training

Objective Vendor-Neutral Training

EPI-USA courses take an independent, multi-vendor perspective tailored to driving student and business success.

We avoid promoting specific brands or platforms.

Our focus is teaching essential competencies to critically evaluate solutions and make optimal choices for any data center environment.

Students learn to ask incisive questions, analyze tradeoffs, and challenge vendors’ claims with facts.

EPI-USA’s goal is to equip your team with knowledge to cut through marketing and identify options that truly align with your business needs and technical requirements.

By developing this objective mindset, EPI-USA learners gain credibility and the confidence to defend their recommendations.

The insight-driven approach allows students to succeed in any setting by making evidence-based decisions, not just pushing products.

Independent Third-Party Accreditation and Certification

Independent Third-Party Accreditation and Certification

EPI-USA’s training is accredited through EXIN, an independent, globally recognized examination institute focused on data center technology.

EXIN rigorously reviews and validates the quality of our curriculum based on strict criteria. They also handle all testing and certification completely separately from our course delivery.

This separation of training and certification provides unbiased validation of EPI-USA programs.

You can trust that your certificates hold weight since EXIN objectively confirms competency.

And organizations can feel confident sending staff for impartial, credible credentialing.

Our shared commitment to impartiality and transparency makes EPI-USA the trusted option for certification.

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