Certified Data Center Professional – CDCP® Course

What is the CDCP®?

The Certified Data Center Professional course will show you the ins and outs of critical data center operations like security, power, cooling, safety, and cabling. You can feel confident implementing and improving these critical aspects in the data center.

How long is the course?

This is a 2-day course.

Sneak Peek Video

The only difference between this preview and the live training offered by EPI-USA is that EPI-USA courses are all taught by U.S. based trainers.

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Join IT, Facility and Data Center Operations Professionals taking the CDCP® training.

The EXIN-CDCP® also appeals to anyone who works or employs others in or near the data center. Knowledge of vital data center operations can be vital in improving management and decision making in relation to your data center.

Among CDCP® students are specialists responsible for keeping data centers online at all times. There are many Data Center Managers, including:

  • Data Center Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Floor Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Data Center Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Engineers

Data Center related Sales Persons and Consultants also are able to communicate much better with prospective and current clients and customers with the knowledge gained by taking the EPI EXIN-CDCP®.


While there is no prerequisite for taking the CDCP® Certification Training, EPI-USA has found that this training works best for professionals who have completed the EPI-DCFC® Data Center Foundation Training Course or have been working in or around data centers for at least a year or two.

That being said, anyone is welcome to attend the training and find it beneficial.

Course Benefits

After getting your CDCP® Certification you will be able to:

  • Choose the best site for Data Centers based on current as well as future requirements.
  • Understand details that are important for consistent uptime.
  • Be able to efficiently set up a data center.
  • Understand, name and apply industry standards.
  • Use tech and standards for UPS, fire suppression, cooling, monitoring, cabling and more.
  • Select effective cost-efficient technologies to increase data center uptime and availability.
  • Review the electrical distribution system (minimize expensive downtime!)
  • Use cutting edge as well as tried and true cooling techniques.
  • Design solid, scalable network architectures and make sure installers are using accurate testing techniques.
  • Understand sophisticated (high-level) data center operation considerations for mission-critical operations.
  • Set up effective data center monitoring and communication with other professionals and employees working in the data center.
  • Make sure appropriate security practices are used to safeguard your company data and data center security.

Third Party Accredited Certifications

Like all EPI courses and related exams, the CDCP is internationally recognized as well as endorsed and accredited by EXIN. EXINs is a global, independent accreditation and examination institute who have certified over 2 million students globally. Accreditation by EXIN ensures quality and impartiality of the EPI certifications awarded to IT and data center professionals who passed our certification exams.

The EXIN accredited CDCP certification exam is included with this course.

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